Alta Fidelidade: Fábio Cardoso

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appreciation post for those people who aren’t a fan of my team but still follow my blog anyways like bless u for putting up with me

that’s such shit. she can’t even fucking do that

i love my mom but it’s bullshit.

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i am 17 fucking years old, I pay for my own phone bill with my own fucking money AND my mom still takes my phone away

what the fuck is this shit

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Simplesmente LINDO!!!!! :’)


Can’t wait for sunday!! 


Can’t wait for sunday!! 

Having Vietnamese food cool

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Hiiiii. Selfie Friday?

Hiiiii. Selfie Friday?

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Sulejmani e Luca


Celebration at Cibeles Square | Copa del Rey Champion | Valecia | April 16, 2014

i reached 900 today yaayyy!!!

you honestly should have waaaaaaay more than 900 and i should have like two but congrats ZANE !!1!1!!!11!!!

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how and why am  so close to 2000 followers

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